Compliance is a function they can incorporate in your companies that will allow you to:

Much is written about compliance and much is linked to the so-called criminal liability of legal persons. While it is true that compliance programs are exempt from the possible criminal responsibility that companies may have since Fleix we understand compliance as a way of understanding the control environment of a company. As you know about our services and our values, at Fleix we are committed to quality and to a job well done. Part of the job of the management body or bodies is to ensure an acceptable control environment in the company. Know what happens, how it happens and the risks involved in this way of acting. The main synergy in carrying out this control exercise is risk prevention, giving confidence to the staff working in the company about what is expected of each of the people who are part of its team and trust those responsible that it is acting in the way that is considered most appropriate.

Within this Compliance section we propose several areas:

Data protection

It is necessary for any company to ensure adequate compliance with data protection regulations. We understand this compliance not so much by the fear of eventual sanctions but in the conviction that doing things right is the right thing to do.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

We know and work to ensure compliance in the area of Money Laundering Prevention. If you are bound by the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering you can hire our services in the preparation of your prevention manual, in the analysis of operations, advice in your relations with SEPBLAC, etc.

Criminal risk prevention

The spanish Criminal Code incorporated the criminal liability of legal persons who may be punished for the commission of offences within the Code. If you want to avoid the criminal risk that your company may face, we can prepare a plan for the prevention of criminal risks, analyzing the risks faced and proposing measures to address them.

Sectoral regulatory compliance.

If you operate in a regulated sector, or if you consider it appropriate to analyze the risks of non-compliance with the sectoral regulations that apply to you, we can work on it. Risk of environmental non-compliance by contaminated soils if your company produces chemicals, risk of non-compliance with consumer protection regulations if they are your main customer. We also offer the development of conflict of interest policies or a code of ethics and conduct for the management and personnel bodies of your company.

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