How can you hire with Fleix?

On this website you can find all the information to:

Among the services we offer you can find some that will require a prior feasibility analysis and others in which it is not necessary.

Procedures in which elements may or may not exist that affect the success of the claim will have a prior feasibility analysis.

Those who do not notice elements that affect it will not have it.

By way of example, a divorce by mutual agreement will not require an analysis of the success of a dismissal, but the challenge will take it in case there are elements that affect the action, such as the time limit for action being exceeded or stated in terms statute of limitations or lapsed.

Prior to contracting the services, you must have all the necessary information to understand what you are hiring, how you are going to be delivered the services you hire and what price you will meet.

If you have any questions regarding the contracting and provision of the service for which you are interested, please contact us at without obligation and without cost.

The important thing is that you know our service and the conditions in which it will be provided.

Before hiring you will have defined how your order will develop, both in terms of deadlines and steps.